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Dashboard Updates – June 2023

Here’s some highlights of what’s new to the RemoteWinBox dashboard in June 2023.

You can watch a video overview here, where Candice walks through what’s been added to the dashboard this month:

Candice walks through new features to the RWB dashboard in June.

New Themes!

We’ve added the ability to customize your dashboard with some new color themes. Under Profile settings, you can edit to change between Light, Dark, and Terminal themes.

New Alerts:

We’ve added some new alerts to the notification tab on the main dashboard. Users can now see alerts for Firmware Updates, Fleet Commander tasks, LTE data, and failed login attempts.

Uptime Graphs:

We’ve added a new graph to our Router Health page – Uptime.

This graph is an easy glance in the case of an outage, users can see when the router’s status had changed from online to offline or if any issues have caused a partial outage.

Marketing Kit:

We’d also like to highlight some new updates to our website. We’ve added new content for our Subscriber Self-Care features. WISPs who are providing Managed WiFi to their customer with RemoteWinBox can now find a new page of information and content.

Feel welcome to use our new Marketing Kit to help advertise Subscriber Self-Care to your customers. You can help get them started with the Subscriber Guide on our website.

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