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End-User View Beta Released in RemoteWinBox & Admiral dashboards.

Something as simple as a bandwidth graph for the end-user can improve customer care and operational efficiency.

In an effort to help ISP’s and Managed Services Providers support their subscribers, we created a view-only format within RemoteWinBox. The end-user view is a mobile friendly view of a single router with information such as Wi-Fi, SSID and devices connected as well as real-time per device bandwidth. 

Within the RemoteWinBox dashboard, an administrator can invite an end-user via email to create an account. Each router can be assigned multiple end-users.  Each end-user may be assigned multiple routers to view.

When the end-user logs in they have read only access to the information for that router. Our customers tell us that showing their subscribers insight into their network can save hours in support calls.

End-user view is currently in beta trials while new features are being developed, but due to demand, the Thaea team wanted to release as soon as was possible.

 The end-user view is just another example of how RemoteWinBox and Admiral can provide operators unprecedented network visibility and remote support tools.

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