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New End-User App Launched

We recently gave our End-User App a makeover.

End-User App has been an excellent tool for Providers to offer their customers. It gives them a view into their network that most internet providers don’t offer and allows them to review data for disruptions or issues with their service. It helps customers troubleshoot in their homes without having to call their providers, by running speed tests, viewing connected devices’ bandwidth, and viewing router info.

The new End-User dashboard has a similar look and feel to our RemoteWinBox Router Health page.

You can view router information, such as SSID, frequency, bandwidth, and password.

See Live and Historical graphs of upload and download. It also displays signal strengths. Why was the device slow after 9pm every night when the customer goes back to their bedroom? Not only will they be able to see the signal drop themselves, but it also gives the provider a great tool for a support (and upsell) conversation.

We’ve updated the Speed Test feature as well, which allows users to run a speed test, check recent upload and download speeds, and view latency.

Users can also view a full month’s worth of connected devices’ bandwidth – or see by day or week. This is a great feature for if a user is having problems with slow speeds, they can view what devices might be hogging the bandwidth.

We hope you use our End-User App to improve your customers’ experiences!

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