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New Feature Launch: Telegram Integration

We’ve just released a new integration with our dashboard – Telegram. Users can now add Telegram as a two-factor authentication option and a connection to receive dashboard notifications. This post walks through how to set up Telegram for use with Admiral Platform.

Step 1: Create Telegram Account

You can skip to Step 2 if you already use Telegram.

a. Download Telegram App from App Store or Google Play

b. Create an account and verify your phone number.

Step 2: Send Message to @AdmiralPlatformBot

To introduce yourself to our platform, send a message to @AdmiralPlatformBot in the Telegram app. The initial message will be “/start” and you can then send any message, like “hello.”

Step 3: Add Your Telegram Username to the Admiral Platform Dashboard

Please note, when adding your Telegram user name to the Admiral Dashboard, make sure you have sent a message to AdmiralPlatformBot within the last 24 hours, or we may not be able to find you.

a. In your Admiral Dashboard, go to your Profile:

b. Go to Notifications:

c. Enter your username in the textbox:

d. Enable the notifications you would like to receive:

Don’t forget to hit Save!

You are now set to receive notification and authentication codes to your Telegram app.


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