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New Features for MDU Deployment Operators

Admiral Platform announces the launch of a new tool for MDU deployment and optimization, Radar.

Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) WiFi deployments using MikroTik hardware will be able to use Radar to automate cumbersome and time-consuming manual troubleshooting processes.

Traditionally, MDU WiFi optimization has required manually updating power, frequency, and channels. This manual approach not only consumes valuable engineering time but also introduces potential errors and inefficiencies. With Radar, Admiral offers streamlined processes that save engineer time and ensure optimal performance for MDU networks. It can adjust power and frequency to optimize and tune the overall performance of an entire building’s worth of Radio Frequency (RF) to minimize congestion and interference.

Along with this, the team is working on a captive portal. This will give operators the ability to offer managed wifi to MDU residents with self-service signup, saving them from expensive truck rolls for new service. Paired with Admiral’s Compass Wifi, a managed wifi solution, subscribers have the tools to manage their own network experience with options to change wifi settings, see what’s connected to the network, and set parental controls.

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