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New Router Listing Page Released

We had been working on making some new changes to our dashboard, and along with it, we decided to optimize loading times and revamp our Router List page.

With the updates, you can now see a better overview of your routers – and whether backups are enabled, the CPU, RAM, and Disk of each router, current firmware, and we’ve added easier access to view and edit routers.

We’ve added several icons that help give a quick glance into your network.

We have also added a full search bar – which allows you to search your router list by:

  • Router Name
  • Router Port
  • Router Notes
  • Router Model
  • Router Identity
  • Router Firmware

The team continues to work on improving our pages as we continually add more features. We love to hear from you! Please let us know what features you’d like to see, suggestions you have, or any feedback you have here.

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