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RemoteWinBox Affiliate Program Launched.

How does the RemoteWinBox Affiliate Program Works?

When you sign up on our affiliate site, you will be provided with a special affiliate link. You can put the affiliate link on your website or post to social networks to refer other MikroTik users in need of RemoteWinBox services.

When a new user visits, and signs up at RemoteWinBox via your affiliate link our system instantly identifies that they’ve come from you. When a purchase is made by your referral you will receive the commission!

Why join the RemoteWinBox affiliate program?

Attractive Commission

When a user that you refer buys a subscription, you’ll receive 20% commission on their subscriptions for 12 months since the creation of their account.

Recurring Income

When someone you refer to us subscribes, you’ll earn 20% on any recurring payments they make. Your commissions will be reimbursed quarterly after you reach $25. Payments are processed through PayPal.

Affiliate Dashboard

We’ll provide you with a special Affiliate Dashboard where you can monitor your referral’s signups, purchases and the subsequent payments to you. 

Click here to visit our Affiliate program site to sign up or learn more.

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