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RemoteWinBox Frequently Asked Questions

1. RemoteWinBox Frequently Asked Questions

Our engineers wanted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at RemoteWinBox:

Q: To prevent IP overlaps in our Mikrotik configs,what is the address range used for the Local addresses of the RemoteWinbox VPN’s?
A: Our default subnet for Admiral deployments is 172.31.224.x/19.

Q: How can I get data on the availability of communication with the router?
A: Our dashboard will provide (within 1 minute precision) whether routers are online or offline. Our system can send email notifications of online and offline events of each router.

Q: Could I send HTTP requests to the router without a Winbox connection?
A: You could use the Fleet Commander feature to send commands to your router, that way you wouldn’t have to be logged in to WinBox.

Q:I notice logs about RemoteWinBox User logging in and out of my router – What is that all about?
A:Our servers login at least every five minutes into your router, and if you’re on a page that displays live data, such as router health, it may be more frequent. You can watch a quick video to see how to suppress these logs here:

Check back to our blog for more FAQ post often as we continue to address our users’ questions! Review our Support page on your account to see a full list of resources. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can send a ticket to

Cheers! – RemoteWinBox Dev Team

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