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WISPAmerica 2022

The RemoteWinBox team spent the last week in New Orleans attending WISPAmerica 2022. We had a lot of fun at the conference, ate lots of great food, and learned so much. 

Here’s 3 things that the team learned at WISPAmerica

1. Never-ending Integration Possibilities

We spent a lot of our conversations discussing what software, companies, and platforms we should consider integrating within RemoteWinBox. From billing systems, higher security, and IPAM solutions, we have come back to the office with a lot of percolating ideas. 

2. Maintenance windows are a pain in the ass – we can help!

Over and over we heard fellow MikroTik users complain about what a pain it is to stay up late doing maintenance windows to update their firmware. We know the struggle! This is why we built our Firmware Manager and were excited to share the details with our sleep-deprived visitors. With RemoteWinBox Firmware Manager, you can schedule automatic updates at 12:00AM or 2:00AM so that you can finally get some sleep. Save the late nights for fun times in New Orleans – not maintenance windows! ;)

3. The south has amazing food!

Aside from great conversations and learning from the sessions, our team was really pleased to try some new dishes. Our office is located in North Dakota, so getting a chance for some fresh seafood is always a special treat to us. We loved the BBQ shrimp, fried oysters, sazeracs, and beignets. Hopefully, you got a chance to try something new, too!

WISPAmerica had a great turnout, with over 1300 attendees, 100 speakers, and several different sessions that ranged from marketing and business to fiber and advanced tech.

New this year was a Women in Wispa round table session. It was a great opportunity for the female founders, engineers, executives, and business owners from wisps and vendors to meet and have meaningful discussions!

Our team is happy to be a part of an industry with a great community and so much knowledge within it. 

We look forward to WISPApalooza in the fall! Hope to see you there!

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