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Make disaster recovery less painful with our daily backup solution..

We listened to your feedback and have extended our software with RWB Backups Manager.

With RWB Backups Manager enabled, our service takes once daily backups for all of your MikroTik hardware that has a subscription with RemoteWinBox.

If you’ve ever had a router fail and need to be replaced, you know how important it is to have a recent backup to restore from. In addition, if you’ve ever wondered what has changed in the MikroTik configuration between the last time you logged in and today, RWB Backups Manager is perfect for you.

This software stores 30 days worth of daily backups and one year of monthly backups, with access through the RemoteWinBox portal.

RWB Backups Manager has a user friendly interface that allows backups to be managed for each router separately. Viewing and downloading of backups is enabled through the portal, and as you can see in the screenshot, seeing differences in configurations is highlighted to ease troubleshooting.

RWB Backups Manager has a flat fee of only $5/month which covers backups for all routers in your account.

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