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Admiral BOGON Process Explained

First, what is a bogon address? In short, a bogon is an invalid address for passing traffic on the global Internet. They're often used by bad guys to start malicious flows or by good guys on private networks. From the…

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How to setup a MikroTik CHR on Proxmox

A step-by-step guide on how to set up a MikroTik Cloud Hosted Router in a Proxmox hypervisor. First off, we have to get the VM image from MikroTik’s website onto your Proxmox server.  Click on Open SHELL on the…

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RWB Invisible Upgrades!

RemoteWinBox just got a HUGE update, but it all happened behind the scenes. What's new, you may be wondering? First, we upgraded and patched our infrastructure with security and performance upgrades. Boring, but necessary. Next, we moved from a 13U…

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Feature Request: OSPF MAP

Hey guys, after being busy with WISPAPALOOZA (recap video here) we received a feature request recently that's something we've wanted to do for a while now. We make every effort to ensure that features we add are the features our…

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