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RemoteWinBox New & Improved!.

You may have noticed a few changes with RemoteWinBox. On Sunday, 04.25.2021, the engineering team moved the application to its own subdomain. RemoteWinBox Account Login page can now be accessed at Please update your bookmarks!

A few changes you can’t see are under the hood. Due to the growing number of routers connected to the platform, our servers were under heavy load and major upgrades to our server infrastructure was needed and also completed on Sunday. This means improved site speed, performance and reliability. 

In the RemoteWinBox application, we have moved Fleet Commander and Login Manager out of beta and into premium features. If you’ve already got a RemoteWinBox account, your existing subscriptions will remain the same. New subscriptions will choose either Free, Basic, Premium or Admiral options. Free accounts have access to 1 router, Basic and Premium are pay as you grow, and Admiral has tiered pricing to best fit your network.

Lastly, we thought we’d share what the team is working on. Coming soon is a redesign of the dashboard to improve the user experience, streamline your workflows, and help manage your growing MikroTik network!

As always, please feel free to share your feedback or ask questions –

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