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RemoteWinBox & the Urban Business Entrepreneur Center Case Study.

We recently chatted with George from Urban Accelerator X about how RemoteWinBox helps him manage the network at the entreprenurship center in Columbus, Ohio. 

What is the Urban Accelerator X ?

We’re an entrepreneur support organization (ESO) that helps Main Street, Mom and Pop businesses start and scale.

What is your role? 

CTO, COO. I’m responsible for sourcing and implementing IT hardware including WiFi, Routers, AP’s, Computers, Electronic Access Control Systems, Displays, Kiosks, A/V equipment, Smart Systems, etc. Software including CRM, Facility Management, Multimedia Production Suites, Domain & Website Development and management, etc.

Why did you choose RemoteWinbox?

I needed a platform that would allow remote access to my router from multiple device types 24/7 from anywhere in the world. 

How has it helped you manage the network at the Accelerator?

Our Facility Management software has limited integration with our MikroTiks. Because of the diverse types of usage in our facility, I often have to make adjustments to our router including bandwidth caps, CAPs MAN changes for example. Most times I need to perform these changes remotely. I also depend on a MikroTik consultant that lives in another state but requires access to make changes to my hardware. 

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