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Setting up Tenancy & Custom Branding on Admiral Platform

A quick guide to setting up Tenancy and Custom Branding for Admiral Platform deployments. Whether…

Tips4Tiks: Using ZeroTier with MikroTik Routers

Step by Step guide to setting up ZeroTier on MikroTik Part 1: Using ZeroTier as…

Admiral BOGON Process Explained

First, what is a bogon address? In short, a bogon is an invalid address for…

Remote File Transfer to MikroTik

This post shares a step-by-step guide to transferring files to a MikroTik using the Admiral…

New Feature Launch: Slack Integration

We've released a new integration with our dashboard! We now offer notifications through Slack messages.…

New Update: Billing Cycles

A new update to allow users to view customer bandwidth usage on a billing cycle allowing a seamless process when troubleshooting.

New Feature Launch: Telegram Integration

How to set up integration with Telegram in the Admiral Platform dashboard for 2FA codes and network notifications.

Admiral US Cloud Services Outage

Our services were interrupted on 2/27/24 for a few hours. Things are back in order, but here's some details to what happened.
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