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Admiral US Cloud Services Outage

Our services were interrupted on 2/27/24 for a few hours. Things are back in order, but here's some details to what happened.

Tips4Tiks – MikroTik RouterOS Logging Tips

This post will take a look at MikroTik's logging functionality and share a few simple…

Tips4Tiks – Automating Scripts with Schedulers

Scripting and automation are perhaps the best time-saving joys of any programming language. See how MikroTik RouterOS scripting can save you time!

Tips4Tiks – Safe Mode

Tips for using MikroTik's Safe Mode and how using Terminal in place of WinBox can give you some more power that WinBox alone can't do. Be sure to keep your Tiks in Admiral for easy disaster recovery!

How to setup a MikroTik CHR on Proxmox

A step-by-step guide on how to set up a MikroTik Cloud Hosted Router in a…

The Best Features of Admiral Platform for MSPs

Admiral Platform was a solution created to help network operators manage their MikroTik routers. The…

Tips4Tiks – Custom Firmware Updates with Admiral

You just purchased a fresh batch of those sweet ax MikroTiks that come with RouterOS…

Monitor WiFi Access Points with Admiral Alerting (Step by Step Guide)

One of the cool use cases our customers have brought to our attention is the…

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